How Do I Select an Oral Surgeon?

oral surgeon Colorado Springs

Finding the oral surgeon who has the right amount of experience and knowledge about the type of procedure that you need is essential for having a successful surgery. To be able to select the right oral surgeon Colorado Springs specialist, you will need to carry out your own research, but you will need help from other medical professionals as well. Here is how.

Asking for Help from Your Dentist

If you think that your dental issue might require a surgical intervention, your first stop should be at your regular dentist, who will perform an inspection of the problem and will tell you if you need surgery, indeed. If you do, ask your doctor to recommend you an oral surgeon and make sure to find out what makes the recommended surgeon so great for you, what type of experience he or she has and what his or her specialties are.

Insurance Aspects

Oral surgery is very expensive if you have to pay for it out of your pocket, so the next step after obtaining one or several recommendations from your dentist is to find out whether your medical insurance covers for oral surgery, then you will also need to find out whether the surgeon who has been recommended to you is in your insurer’s network of approved surgeons. If the specialist is an out-of-network surgeon, you can either use his or her services, being aware that the process will cost you more than with a specialist from your insurer’s network or you can keep looking for an equally qualified and experienced specialist from your insurer’s network.

Do Some Research of Your Own Before You Make an Appointment

It is a good idea to check more sources of information, even if you have complete trust in your dentist’s recommendations. Many oral surgeons have their own websites or, if they work in a practice with several other doctors, you will find a description of the services provided by the surgeon you look for described on the practice’s website. There are many other websites where you can find information related to oral surgeons – some rate oral surgeons and their offices based on multiple, very relevant criteria and you will also find websites on which previous patients share their opinions and their experiences with the oral surgeon that treated them and your state’s medical board can also provide background information about oral surgeons.

Contact the Doctor

If you think that you have found the right oral surgeon based on your research and your dentist’s recommendations, it is time to make an appointment with the doctor. Your personal impressions are very important, so trust your instinct and go with the doctor who seemed suitable initially only if you feel that you can trust that person, if you feel comfortable in the surgeon’s office. Ask the doctor to explain to you the steps of the procedure and have a look at the room where the surgery will take place. Tell the surgeon about your concerns – the answers that you will get, the personality of the surgeon and the way he or she talks to you will help you decide whether the surgeon is right for you or you will need to keep on searching.

Should You See A Dermatologist Every Year?

With skin cancer becoming increasingly frequent and with our environment and our lifestyle taking such a hard toll on the health of our skin, yearly visits to the dermatologist are essential for catching any skin problem in time. Fortunately, most skin lesions, such as dark spots, warts and eczemas are benign affections, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so here are a few arguments to convince you that scheduling an annual visit to your derm’s office is essential not only for a healthy, beautiful skin, but for your overall health and well-being.

Moles, Freckles and Birthmarks Need Monitoring

Everyone has at least a few moles, freckles and birthmarks, they can be of various sizes and most of the time they are harmless. However, the irritation caused by the contact with clothes, exposure to harsh sunshine as well as scrubbing can cause them to change shape or color – a process that needs to be stopped by removing the lesions. Your yearly visit to the dermatologist can make sure that your moles and birthmarks are under control – your doctor will determine whether they need removal.

Cancer Screening

The early signs of skin cancer are easy to disregard for the untrained eye, but the affection can develop very quickly, that’s why regular visits to a medical professional who can analyze and evaluate the condition of your skin is so important. Cancer screening is especially important for people who belong to a high-risk group, such as fair-skinned people, people who have blond or red hair and people who have dry and sensitive skin.

dark circles under eyes

The Treatment of Chronic Skin Conditions

Many people suffering from chronic skin affections, such as acne, eczemas or psoriasis, give up hope and stop visiting their doctor after trying out several treatment options and many people who notice the appearance of such skin problems don’t go to a doctor, hoping that they will go away on their own. Both attitudes are wrong – new treatments for these chronic problems are being developed all the time, so you can find the cure for your problem with the next product that you try and you must also know that these problems almost never disappear on their own. During your regular, yearly visits to the dermatologist, your doctor will examine your lesions, and discuss any other issues you may have with your skin. They may have suggestions to treat dry skin, blemishes, or dark circles under eyes.  He or she will talk to you about new treatment options and will provide you suggestions regarding any diet and lifestyle changes that might help. Many dermatologists are trained not only in treatment through the administration of medications and creams, but through light therapy and other advanced methods that can be beneficial for your condition.

Don’t Postpone Visits if You Notice Problems In Between Annual Visits

The recommended frequency of visits to your dermatologist is every 12 months, but problems that require the attention of your doctor might appear any time. If your chronic condition gets worse, if you notice skin eruptions, you have itchy skin, an ingrown nail or other acute problems, do not wait, schedule a visit with your dermatologist right away.

Advantages Of Chiropractic Care

Advantages To Seeing A Denver Chiropractor

There are currently a multitude of painkillers recommended for spine, neck, arm, back or hip pains, but most people ignore that these remedies can also have dangerous side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, addiction, and over dosage.

In addition, the efficiency of these treatments in some situations is questioned, alternative therapies taking their place through long-term benefits and the lack of risks in patients.

Recent studies reveal that 57% of people who underwent a chiropractic treatment reported a reduction of at least 75% of the pain, but only 33% of those taking medication have reported an improvement in pain intensity.


The benefits of chiropractic treatment

Chiropractors treat the causes of pain, not just the symptoms

If you have a spinal problem that causes pain, taking a painkiller will treat the symptoms for a while, but visiting a chiropractor can actually help you treat the cause of the pain. Denver area chiropractors are trained to deal specifically with the nervous system, which controls everything from reflexive responses such as breathing, to every movement we do. Since the nerves make the pain leave the spine and radiate through the body, the health of the spinal cord is essential and it is logic that the chiropractic treatment focuses on it.

Chiropractic treatment helps relieve severe pain

There are many studies that show the benefits of chiropractic treatment in affections such as:

  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Cervical Pain
  • Headaches
  • Kyphosis
  • Scoliosis, etc.

Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive treatment option

Chiropractic treatment is based on the targeted application of pressure on a joint and performing certain manipulations. One of the best benefits of a chiropractic treatment is that it is performed fairly quick, while the patient lies on the bed, dressed up, being constantly provided with information about what is going to be done to them. There are various techniques used by chiropractors and none of them is invasive, so chiropractic is a really great option, if performed by a certified specialist..


Chiropractors also recommend physical activities

Chiropractors recommend patients easy exercise that can be performed at home, without the need of assistance or special equipment. These exercises are designed to strengthen the back muscles as well as other affected areas.

A chiropractor will help you improve your posture

One of the consequences of a chiropractic treatment that helps correcting spinal problems and relieving pain, is an improved body posture. Nowadays, many people develop cervical and lumbar problems because of the nature of their work. The habit of sitting in front of a computer regularly and in inappropriate positions causes many problems, but with a chiropractic treatment you can correct them, including those related to the body posture.

Chiropractic educates the body and the mind

Generally, people become aware of a health issue and take the necessary action only when the pathological condition demands it. This approach is not constructive, but fortunately, more and more people become more responsible and more attentive to their health. Chiropractic is a therapy that helps us to educate our body and mind to adopt more good habits that bring us energy and vitality.


What is Integrative Medicine? – A Short Account

Integrative Medicine Tips

Integrative medicine is a modern approach towards the diagnosis and the treatment of illnesses that looks not only at the symptoms described by the patient, but takes into account the patient’s personality and environment as well and proposes to address all the emotional, social and spiritual influences that affect the patient during the treatment. The medical approach is called integrative not only because it integrates all the influences experienced by the person to be treated, but also because it integrates the wealth of knowledge accumulated by traditional medicine and the achievements of naturist therapy – integrative medicine uses medications, even surgery, just like traditional medicine, but it also uses herbal remedies, psychotherapy and a treatment approach based on changes in lifestyle.

The Special Relationship between Doctor and Patient – the Foundation of Successful Treatment

Integrative medicine perceives illness in a way that is radically different from the traditional approach. Illness for IM is a condition caused by complex processes that involve more than the inefficient functioning or failure of a specific organ. The symptoms described by the patient can be linked to a specific organ, but in most cases, they are the results of influences coming from various areas of the patient’s life, they can be caused by emotional or lifestyle-related issues as much as by hereditary issues and others and is best treated by a functional medicine Denver doctor.

The diagnostic and the treatment processes used by IM take into consideration the body, the mind, the soul as well as the social circumstances that surround the patient. To be able to do this, IM considers the patient an active partner in the healing process – a partner who is not just passively receiving medication and waiting for the medication to take effect, but who implements practical changes in their own life.

The Methods Used and the Conditions Treatable with the Integrative Medical Approach

Integrative medicine uses medication, even surgery the same way as they are used by mainstream medicine, but it adds solutions of its own, complementing the treatment process with the use of massage, yoga, acupuncture, meditation or nutrition counseling. The list of the condition that can be treated with the integrative approach is very long – here are some of the illnesses that can be efficiently tackled with IM:

  • Depression – the complex diagnostic phase aimed at revealing the triggers and the root cause is usually followed by a program based on meditation, yoga, massage therapy and lifestyle changes;
  • Asthma – efficiently treated by IM with massage therapy and acupuncture;
  • Fibromyalgia – the treatment offered by conventional medicine can address only the symptoms, while IM tries successfully to reveal the root causes and to eliminate them;
  • Illnesses of the digestive tract, such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome – the holistic approach allows the specialist to make lifestyle-related recommendations that will ameliorate or even completely cure the symptoms;
  • Conditions related to chronic inflammations in the body, such as rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Chronic problems of the joints and bones, such as sciatica, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or bursitis;
  • Obesity and other, diet-related issues.

Qualities to Look for in a Dentist: What Makes a Great Dentist Worth Choosing

Qualities To Look For

It’s not always clear what makes an amazing dentist. For some it’s their ability to learn new skills faster than anyone else, while for others it’s the way they approach their patients with genuine kindness and compassion. We will attempt to look closer at some of these qualities and see what exactly makes some dentists stand out from the crowd.


What Are the Main Qualities You Can Expect from a Great Dentist?


When you’re looking for exactly what makes a great dentist tick, you’ll find a lot of opinions from experts and dental patients alike. Some will tell you that the dentist’s skill is the most important, while others will claim it’s better to have a knowledgeable Centennial dental practitioner at your disposal. Following are a few of the most popular skills and qualities most experts will recommend you look for in the general practitioner you choose:


  • Enthusiasm should be among the first traits you have to look for. The best dentists are those who are truly passionate about their work, and not just do it for money – regardless of how good they are at their profession.
  • Skill is, of course, very important, as is knowledge. But what should your dentist be knowledgeable about? In most cases, very few dentists have a full grasp over many different disciplines related to dentistry, so you’ll have to figure out exactly which disciplines you’d want more and why. Based on your answer, you can determine what qualities to look for in your new dentist.
  • The most reliable and consistent dentists are detail-oriented people. This means they won’t lose track of any details, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem. These dentists will always be on time and well-organized, as well as calm and collected, both in their speech and when it comes to action.
  • Empathy is a very important trait. Like going through medical school, becoming a dentist is not an easy feat, and you need a lot of dedication to make it happen successfully. So it’s clear that the best dentists will be those who are truly motivated to help people overcome their problems.
  • Finally, if you approach some of the most distinguished dentists with the best reputations, and ask them what they consider their best advantage, it will be that of keeping up with new technologies and methods. Dated techniques and tools might still work, but as times change, the market and the technology does as well, so it becomes harder for traditional minded dentists to keep up with the times.


Finding a Great Dentist


Looking up the best dentists usually depends less on the dentist’s skill and more on what you expect from them. The most helpful course of action would be to start by finding a reliable family dentist, who can recommend the best specialists in any field you might have need for – whether you want a periodontist, a pediatric practitioner or a cosmetic dentist.


Ultimately, the aforementioned traits should help you navigate most of the listings posted by the experts you find online and in your local area, so you can make an informed decision before you choose your dentist.

The Best Way to Straighten Teeth – Methods and Approaches

The best way to straighten teeth is different for each patient, for each jaw and for each set of teeth. For some patients, the best method is removable braces that they wear only at night, for others, the most efficient method is to wear permanent braces for at least a couple of months or to combine the usage of the dental appliance with surgery and there are teeth that can be aligned without braces. Here are a few of the most common techniques used today to align teeth.

Alignment with the Help of Braces

Modern braces come in several types:

  • Traditional braces are the cheapest and they are made from visible wires that are fitted to the front of the teeth and are adjusted regularly to move the teeth in the desired direction;
  • Tooth-colored braces work the same way as traditional appliances, but they use tooth-colored components to make them less visible;
  • Braces that are fitted on the back of the teeth are invisible, but they are more difficult to clean, they might cause speaking difficulties and they are not suitable for all patients;

clear braces orthodontics

  • Clear braces – the most modern dental alignment solution uses a set braces that are tailored to the patient’s teeth and jaw with the help of 3D scanning. The method uses advanced computer technology to design the phases of the realignment process and to create braces for each phase.

Developing Good Habits and Kicking Bad Habits

Teeth don’t get misaligned overnight – they move very slowly and any misalignment becomes visible as the result of a long process. Any kind of impact, even the mildest pressure influences the position of the teeth, so here are a few habits and conditions that are really bad for teeth:

  • Sleeping on your stomach – the position places weight on the face and puts pressure on the teeth, moving them inwards, so it is a good idea to try sleeping on your back or on your side;
  • Leaning your face on your hand – we all do it sometimes, but if it is your favorite position while listening to someone, you might get crooked teeth on one side of your face;
  • Thumb sucking – you might think that thumb sucking is a behavior that is common only among children, but there are many adults who still do it, what’s more, thumb sucking has the same pushing effects on teeth as chewing on pens, on drinking straws or blowing chewing gum bubbles;
  • Missing teeth – children’s jaws are more flexible that the jaws of adults, therefore their bones can adjust more easily when a baby tooth falls out and leaves behind a gap for a while. In the case of adults, when a tooth is extracted or lost for some other reason, the other teeth start moving slowly to fill the gap and they are very difficult to push back, so correcting the gaps with bridges, implants or partial dentures as soon as possible is very important.

These are the most common dental realignment practices, but it will be your dentist who will tell you what the best way to straighten teeth is in your case, so if you are looking for a personalized realignment solution, turn to a Centennial dentist expert as soon as you can.

How to Choose the Best Type of Toothbrush

toothbrush selection

Toothbrushes come in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, which makes the selection of the best type of toothbrush for you easy and difficult at the same time. The best brush is one that cleans your teeth efficiently and meets your specific requirements as well – here is a little help with the aspects to consider when choosing your new toothbrush.

Manual or Electric

In terms of operation, there are basically two types of toothbrushes: manual brushes and electrical devices. If used correctly, both types are efficient, but according to some experts, electrical brushes do a slightly better job at cleaning problem areas and they are a better alternative for people suffering from some kind of illness that limits their manual dexterity as well as for those who wear some kind of dental appliance.

The Bristles

Toothbrushes are available with soft, medium and hard bristles. Dental hygienist professionals recommend soft brushes because they are gentler on both the enamel of the teeth and on the gums and softer bristles are more flexible, therefore they clean more efficiently.

The Head and the Handle

Toothbrushes vary in terms of head shape and head size as well. The most common head size is around one inch tall and half an inch wide – for most adults, this size is suitable for reaching the teeth in the back on the mouth comfortably and for maneuvering the brush in the mouth easily.

The handle should be long enough to be able to grab it firmly, but not too long or too thick. There are other features that you need to decide about when it comes to the handle of the toothbrush: some brushes have non-slip handles, while others come with flexible necks to make the movement of the head more efficient.


Manual toothbrushes are cheaper, while electrical brushes are more expensive. The reason for the price difference is that electrical brushes last longer – you still need to replace the brush head at the same intervals as in the case of manual brushes (every 3-4 months among normal usage conditions, earlier if you have suffered from an infection, a cold or a flu to avoid getting re-infected with the bacteria that have accumulated on the toothbrush), but most electrical appliances come with several heads included in the kit, so replacement will not cost you anything for a while.

The User’s Age

The toothbrushes designed for children are different from the brushes for adults in terms of shape, size, style and bristle softness. The brushes for children are available in many different colors and you can buy a brush that feature’s your child’s favorite cartoon character to make usage more interesting. Children’s brushes have smaller heads and softer bristles than the brushes for adults to make brushing safer and more comfortable.

The best type of toothbrush is out there for everyone – just figure out the features that you need and you will surely find the style that you find easy and enjoyable to use and that offers you the cleanliness that will make your smile truly beautiful. Check with your dentist Highlands Ranch professional for more personalized advice and recommendations.

Where Can You Go About Finding the Best Lone Tree Dentist in Your Area?

Finding the best Lone Tree dentists in town isn’t something that most people know how to do right off the bat. Whether you’re looking for a reliable cosmetic dentist, or you’re just interested in a periodontist or a family dentist, there are many options to look into when it comes to the actual places you can search for a clinic.

Technology opens up a lot of avenues here, as social media and various online directories and review sites can definitely help you out. However, you can gain a lot more from actually visiting or calling local referrals who have been to a particular dentistry office. That way, it’ll be easier to work through all the details of how the dentist handles his/her patients and what real advantages are provided through that particular service.

Searching for Dentists Based on Your Needs

When it comes to finding the best dentist in town, the success of your search will typically depend on how well you know what to search for. Do you have a clear idea in your mind? Are you looking for a more specific service that isn’t provided by most general and family dentists? Maybe you’d like to delve into the many potential advantages of cosmetic dentistry. All options are open, as long as you know which avenue to pick.

family smiling

If you’re only looking for a dentist offering general family-oriented services, then a family dentist would be best. If you have children, a family dentist will usually provide you with everything you need, however, in some cases a pediatric specialist might be needed.

For problems relating to tooth alignment – such as getting new braces for your teenager – you’ll have to look for an orthodontic specialist. Endodontists specialize in dealing with the pulp and nerve of the teeth, while periodontists also deal with the soft tissues of the mouth – primarily gums and the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Finally, if you have missing teeth, you need dentures, or you have to have your teeth repaired, then contact a local prosthodontist.

Ways to Find the Best Local Dentists

Of course, knowing what each type of dentist does won’t be enough in most cases. You also have to know where to find the best practitioners and how to sift through all the data in order to locate the most reliable dentists you can find.

Social media is a good place to start. Here most local dentists will advertise their services, and you can even engage in conversation with some of them, asking the questions you need to find out about and inquiring about special services.

Online reviews also offer a lot of insight. If you look for directories, review sites and map listings, you’ll usually find a rating and comments or reviews pertaining to the services of a particular dentist. While not all dental practitioners are made the same, you’ll have a pretty good chance of finding the best dentist this way, since you’ll be looking through and comparing data on dozens of local dentists, and some of that information will be confirmed through multiple findings and positive reviews from many of the dentist’s satisfied clients.

How Lakewood Orthodontics Can Help You – The Benefits of a Good Orthodontist

close up of hands working on dental braces Lakewood orthodontics have advanced a great deal in the past few years. Not only are there more experts available for you to ask for their opinions and help regarding specific matters, but they also have better equipment and more advanced techniques. Best of all, a Lakewood orthodontist will be friendly and patient enough to help not only you, but your entire family, from the youngest to the oldest members of your household.

How Can Advanced Orthodontics Help You?

Orthodontics is the study and practice of teeth alignment. You can contact a good local orthodontist if your jaw is misaligned, you need braces, or you’re looking to fix your smile. Orthodontists, of course, aren’t merely cosmetic dentists, but they also deal with the health issues associated with misaligned teeth.

Straight teeth can be cleaned more easily, preventing disease more efficiently. Moreover, orthodontists play an important role in helping patients maintain their overall health, so you’ll give yourself a good chance to subdue pain and avoid the complications of low quality orthodontist treatments and products.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Local Orthodontist?

With Lakewood orthodontics experts you gain remarkable expertise and practical insight into any disorder or preventive measure you might be interested in. Lakewood dentists are not only familiar with the main methods and products, but also with the most advanced treatment planning software and complex procedures such as the use of orthodontics products designed to use air in order to move and realign your teeth, instead of any bulky and unpleasant materials.

The benefits of a reliable orthodontist don’t stop there. You can easily contact your Lakewood dentist at short notice, regardless of your problem might be. Also, aside from offering quality emergency services, you’ll find these experts are very good with people and especially children. If you have a son or daughter who has experienced difficulties while at the dentist’s office in other cities and neighborhoods you’ve lived in, they will feel entirely at ease with your friendly Lakewood orthodontist.

Finally, what characterizes the best Lakewood orthodontists is passion. As everyone knows, passion can’t be taught, and if you ran into dentists who didn’t have passion for their work, you were probably able to tell that from the start. In Lakewood, the best orthodontics experts are known to perform their work not just for money, but also because they have a genuine caring nature, and are sincerely interested in ensuring the well-being of their patients.

Questions to Ask Your First Orthodontist

How long is it since your orthodontist finished school and began their practice? Did the orthodontist you want to use manage to maintain a good reputation over time? Can they support your insurance policy? What types of advanced braces and treatments can they provide you with at short notice?

These are just some of the important questions you have to ask your orthodontist before accepting his/her treatment. While there are many other issues to be discussed, you’ll find most Lakewood orthodontics specialists to be more than forthcoming in their effort to put your mind at ease and provide you with the best opportunities for enhanced oral health.

Buying Big and Tall Office Chairs – Main Points You Need to Know

Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair - 350 LbsGetting the best big and tall office chairs can be a risky endeavor, especially if you’re thinking of spending more. A larger office chair will usually be more expensive than a typical ergonomic chair, so you will have to be extra careful to make sure you purchase the right one.

While there are a lot of different brands to choose from, finding a quality chair can be harder than you think. Depending on your specific needs and considerations, the following tips should help you.

What to Look for in a Quality Larger Chair

Also known as “big man chairs,” big and tall office chairs come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them might be sleek and futuristic, while others have the classic appearance of an executive office chair. Regardless of on your constitution, budget and special requirements, the following are some of the must-have features and benefits that you should always look for in a sturdy big and tall office chair:

  • First of all, a sturdy construction is a must. A larger chair will typically have to withstand a greater amount of weight, so the construction of its frame, the resilience level of the fabric it uses and its ability to keep its padding from becoming flattened are all important factors to keep in mind.
  • A larger, more supportive backrest is also essential. Because of the fact that these big man chairs are larger and the materials they are made from are not typically denser or stronger than what you can normally find in an office chair, the thickness, frame and lumbar support built into the backrest has to be top notch; otherwise you might end up breaking the back after just a few weeks.
  • Look for metal legs and frames and a 250 to 500 lbs limit, according to your specific requirements. The weight limit is usually essential with these chairs, especially if your own weight is over 200 lbs. Also, getting a chair that features a metallic construction might bring you face to face with a slightly heavier product, but at least you know that it’s built to last.
  • Finally, adjustable seat height is a must for most of these chairs. You have to be able to determine that the chair can adjust to your specific height, so make sure you try out a few chairs and ask the shop assistant for their specifications to determine your exact needs first. Then you can easily find a chair with those specs.

Choosing a Reliable Brand

Stamford, Kingston, Avenger and Oro have some of the most interesting classic and traditional big and tall office chair designs on the market, and several of these brands can also give you reliable chairs at highly competitive prices. For a more modern or futuristic design featuring a green construction and hi-tech features, brands like CXO and Pacifica will provide you with precisely what you need.

A good chair can cost anything from $400 to several thousand, depending on the features and specs you want. When buying big and tall office chairs, however, you’ll also find that many of the brands competing on your local market will have at least a few good items on the lower end of that pricing scale.