Buying Big and Tall Office Chairs – Main Points You Need to Know

Heavy Duty Double Plush Chair - 350 LbsGetting the best big and tall office chairs can be a risky endeavor, especially if you’re thinking of spending more. A larger office chair will usually be more expensive than a typical ergonomic chair, so you will have to be extra careful to make sure you purchase the right one.

While there are a lot of different brands to choose from, finding a quality chair can be harder than you think. Depending on your specific needs and considerations, the following tips should help you.

What to Look for in a Quality Larger Chair

Also known as “big man chairs,” big and tall office chairs come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them might be sleek and futuristic, while others have the classic appearance of an executive office chair. Regardless of on your constitution, budget and special requirements, the following are some of the must-have features and benefits that you should always look for in a sturdy big and tall office chair:

  • First of all, a sturdy construction is a must. A larger chair will typically have to withstand a greater amount of weight, so the construction of its frame, the resilience level of the fabric it uses and its ability to keep its padding from becoming flattened are all important factors to keep in mind.
  • A larger, more supportive backrest is also essential. Because of the fact that these big man chairs are larger and the materials they are made from are not typically denser or stronger than what you can normally find in an office chair, the thickness, frame and lumbar support built into the backrest has to be top notch; otherwise you might end up breaking the back after just a few weeks.
  • Look for metal legs and frames and a 250 to 500 lbs limit, according to your specific requirements. The weight limit is usually essential with these chairs, especially if your own weight is over 200 lbs. Also, getting a chair that features a metallic construction might bring you face to face with a slightly heavier product, but at least you know that it’s built to last.
  • Finally, adjustable seat height is a must for most of these chairs. You have to be able to determine that the chair can adjust to your specific height, so make sure you try out a few chairs and ask the shop assistant for their specifications to determine your exact needs first. Then you can easily find a chair with those specs.

Choosing a Reliable Brand

Stamford, Kingston, Avenger and Oro have some of the most interesting classic and traditional big and tall office chair designs on the market, and several of these brands can also give you reliable chairs at highly competitive prices. For a more modern or futuristic design featuring a green construction and hi-tech features, brands like CXO and Pacifica will provide you with precisely what you need.

A good chair can cost anything from $400 to several thousand, depending on the features and specs you want. When buying big and tall office chairs, however, you’ll also find that many of the brands competing on your local market will have at least a few good items on the lower end of that pricing scale.