How Do I Select an Oral Surgeon?

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Finding the oral surgeon who has the right amount of experience and knowledge about the type of procedure that you need is essential for having a successful surgery. To be able to select the right oral surgeon Colorado Springs specialist, you will need to carry out your own research, but you will need help from other medical professionals as well. Here is how.

Asking for Help from Your Dentist

If you think that your dental issue might require a surgical intervention, your first stop should be at your regular dentist, who will perform an inspection of the problem and will tell you if you need surgery, indeed. If you do, ask your doctor to recommend you an oral surgeon and make sure to find out what makes the recommended surgeon so great for you, what type of experience he or she has and what his or her specialties are.

Insurance Aspects

Oral surgery is very expensive if you have to pay for it out of your pocket, so the next step after obtaining one or several recommendations from your dentist is to find out whether your medical insurance covers for oral surgery, then you will also need to find out whether the surgeon who has been recommended to you is in your insurer’s network of approved surgeons. If the specialist is an out-of-network surgeon, you can either use his or her services, being aware that the process will cost you more than with a specialist from your insurer’s network or you can keep looking for an equally qualified and experienced specialist from your insurer’s network.

Do Some Research of Your Own Before You Make an Appointment

It is a good idea to check more sources of information, even if you have complete trust in your dentist’s recommendations. Many oral surgeons have their own websites or, if they work in a practice with several other doctors, you will find a description of the services provided by the surgeon you look for described on the practice’s website. There are many other websites where you can find information related to oral surgeons – some rate oral surgeons and their offices based on multiple, very relevant criteria and you will also find websites on which previous patients share their opinions and their experiences with the oral surgeon that treated them and your state’s medical board can also provide background information about oral surgeons.

Contact the Doctor

If you think that you have found the right oral surgeon based on your research and your dentist’s recommendations, it is time to make an appointment with the doctor. Your personal impressions are very important, so trust your instinct and go with the doctor who seemed suitable initially only if you feel that you can trust that person, if you feel comfortable in the surgeon’s office. Ask the doctor to explain to you the steps of the procedure and have a look at the room where the surgery will take place. Tell the surgeon about your concerns – the answers that you will get, the personality of the surgeon and the way he or she talks to you will help you decide whether the surgeon is right for you or you will need to keep on searching.