Should You See A Dermatologist Every Year?

With skin cancer becoming increasingly frequent and with our environment and our lifestyle taking such a hard toll on the health of our skin, yearly visits to the dermatologist are essential for catching any skin problem in time. Fortunately, most skin lesions, such as dark spots, warts and eczemas are benign affections, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so here are a few arguments to convince you that scheduling an annual visit to your derm’s office is essential not only for a healthy, beautiful skin, but for your overall health and well-being.

Moles, Freckles and Birthmarks Need Monitoring

Everyone has at least a few moles, freckles and birthmarks, they can be of various sizes and most of the time they are harmless. However, the irritation caused by the contact with clothes, exposure to harsh sunshine as well as scrubbing can cause them to change shape or color – a process that needs to be stopped by removing the lesions. Your yearly visit to the dermatologist can make sure that your moles and birthmarks are under control – your doctor will determine whether they need removal.

Cancer Screening

The early signs of skin cancer are easy to disregard for the untrained eye, but the affection can develop very quickly, that’s why regular visits to a medical professional who can analyze and evaluate the condition of your skin is so important. Cancer screening is especially important for people who belong to a high-risk group, such as fair-skinned people, people who have blond or red hair and people who have dry and sensitive skin.

dark circles under eyes

The Treatment of Chronic Skin Conditions

Many people suffering from chronic skin affections, such as acne, eczemas or psoriasis, give up hope and stop visiting their doctor after trying out several treatment options and many people who notice the appearance of such skin problems don’t go to a doctor, hoping that they will go away on their own. Both attitudes are wrong – new treatments for these chronic problems are being developed all the time, so you can find the cure for your problem with the next product that you try and you must also know that these problems almost never disappear on their own. During your regular, yearly visits to the dermatologist, your doctor will examine your lesions, and discuss any other issues you may have with your skin. They may have suggestions to treat dry skin, blemishes, or dark circles under eyes.  He or she will talk to you about new treatment options and will provide you suggestions regarding any diet and lifestyle changes that might help. Many dermatologists are trained not only in treatment through the administration of medications and creams, but through light therapy and other advanced methods that can be beneficial for your condition.

Don’t Postpone Visits if You Notice Problems In Between Annual Visits

The recommended frequency of visits to your dermatologist is every 12 months, but problems that require the attention of your doctor might appear any time. If your chronic condition gets worse, if you notice skin eruptions, you have itchy skin, an ingrown nail or other acute problems, do not wait, schedule a visit with your dermatologist right away.