How to Choose the Best Type of Toothbrush

toothbrush selection

Toothbrushes come in a seemingly infinite variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, which makes the selection of the best type of toothbrush for you easy and difficult at the same time. The best brush is one that cleans your teeth efficiently and meets your specific requirements as well – here is a little help with the aspects to consider when choosing your new toothbrush.

Manual or Electric

In terms of operation, there are basically two types of toothbrushes: manual brushes and electrical devices. If used correctly, both types are efficient, but according to some experts, electrical brushes do a slightly better job at cleaning problem areas and they are a better alternative for people suffering from some kind of illness that limits their manual dexterity as well as for those who wear some kind of dental appliance.

The Bristles

Toothbrushes are available with soft, medium and hard bristles. Dental hygienist professionals recommend soft brushes because they are gentler on both the enamel of the teeth and on the gums and softer bristles are more flexible, therefore they clean more efficiently.

The Head and the Handle

Toothbrushes vary in terms of head shape and head size as well. The most common head size is around one inch tall and half an inch wide – for most adults, this size is suitable for reaching the teeth in the back on the mouth comfortably and for maneuvering the brush in the mouth easily.

The handle should be long enough to be able to grab it firmly, but not too long or too thick. There are other features that you need to decide about when it comes to the handle of the toothbrush: some brushes have non-slip handles, while others come with flexible necks to make the movement of the head more efficient.


Manual toothbrushes are cheaper, while electrical brushes are more expensive. The reason for the price difference is that electrical brushes last longer – you still need to replace the brush head at the same intervals as in the case of manual brushes (every 3-4 months among normal usage conditions, earlier if you have suffered from an infection, a cold or a flu to avoid getting re-infected with the bacteria that have accumulated on the toothbrush), but most electrical appliances come with several heads included in the kit, so replacement will not cost you anything for a while.

The User’s Age

The toothbrushes designed for children are different from the brushes for adults in terms of shape, size, style and bristle softness. The brushes for children are available in many different colors and you can buy a brush that feature’s your child’s favorite cartoon character to make usage more interesting. Children’s brushes have smaller heads and softer bristles than the brushes for adults to make brushing safer and more comfortable.

The best type of toothbrush is out there for everyone – just figure out the features that you need and you will surely find the style that you find easy and enjoyable to use and that offers you the cleanliness that will make your smile truly beautiful. Check with your dentist Highlands Ranch professional for more personalized advice and recommendations.