The Best Way to Straighten Teeth – Methods and Approaches

The best way to straighten teeth is different for each patient, for each jaw and for each set of teeth. For some patients, the best method is removable braces that they wear only at night, for others, the most efficient method is to wear permanent braces for at least a couple of months or to combine the usage of the dental appliance with surgery and there are teeth that can be aligned without braces. Here are a few of the most common techniques used today to align teeth.

Alignment with the Help of Braces

Modern braces come in several types:

  • Traditional braces are the cheapest and they are made from visible wires that are fitted to the front of the teeth and are adjusted regularly to move the teeth in the desired direction;
  • Tooth-colored braces work the same way as traditional appliances, but they use tooth-colored components to make them less visible;
  • Braces that are fitted on the back of the teeth are invisible, but they are more difficult to clean, they might cause speaking difficulties and they are not suitable for all patients;

clear braces orthodontics

  • Clear braces – the most modern dental alignment solution uses a set braces that are tailored to the patient’s teeth and jaw with the help of 3D scanning. The method uses advanced computer technology to design the phases of the realignment process and to create braces for each phase.

Developing Good Habits and Kicking Bad Habits

Teeth don’t get misaligned overnight – they move very slowly and any misalignment becomes visible as the result of a long process. Any kind of impact, even the mildest pressure influences the position of the teeth, so here are a few habits and conditions that are really bad for teeth:

  • Sleeping on your stomach – the position places weight on the face and puts pressure on the teeth, moving them inwards, so it is a good idea to try sleeping on your back or on your side;
  • Leaning your face on your hand – we all do it sometimes, but if it is your favorite position while listening to someone, you might get crooked teeth on one side of your face;
  • Thumb sucking – you might think that thumb sucking is a behavior that is common only among children, but there are many adults who still do it, what’s more, thumb sucking has the same pushing effects on teeth as chewing on pens, on drinking straws or blowing chewing gum bubbles;
  • Missing teeth – children’s jaws are more flexible that the jaws of adults, therefore their bones can adjust more easily when a baby tooth falls out and leaves behind a gap for a while. In the case of adults, when a tooth is extracted or lost for some other reason, the other teeth start moving slowly to fill the gap and they are very difficult to push back, so correcting the gaps with bridges, implants or partial dentures as soon as possible is very important.

These are the most common dental realignment practices, but it will be your dentist who will tell you what the best way to straighten teeth is in your case, so if you are looking for a personalized realignment solution, turn to a Centennial dentist expert as soon as you can.

How Lakewood Orthodontics Can Help You – The Benefits of a Good Orthodontist

close up of hands working on dental braces Lakewood orthodontics have advanced a great deal in the past few years. Not only are there more experts available for you to ask for their opinions and help regarding specific matters, but they also have better equipment and more advanced techniques. Best of all, a Lakewood orthodontist will be friendly and patient enough to help not only you, but your entire family, from the youngest to the oldest members of your household.

How Can Advanced Orthodontics Help You?

Orthodontics is the study and practice of teeth alignment. You can contact a good local orthodontist if your jaw is misaligned, you need braces, or you’re looking to fix your smile. Orthodontists, of course, aren’t merely cosmetic dentists, but they also deal with the health issues associated with misaligned teeth.

Straight teeth can be cleaned more easily, preventing disease more efficiently. Moreover, orthodontists play an important role in helping patients maintain their overall health, so you’ll give yourself a good chance to subdue pain and avoid the complications of low quality orthodontist treatments and products.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Local Orthodontist?

With Lakewood orthodontics experts you gain remarkable expertise and practical insight into any disorder or preventive measure you might be interested in. Lakewood dentists are not only familiar with the main methods and products, but also with the most advanced treatment planning software and complex procedures such as the use of orthodontics products designed to use air in order to move and realign your teeth, instead of any bulky and unpleasant materials.

The benefits of a reliable orthodontist don’t stop there. You can easily contact your Lakewood dentist at short notice, regardless of your problem might be. Also, aside from offering quality emergency services, you’ll find these experts are very good with people and especially children. If you have a son or daughter who has experienced difficulties while at the dentist’s office in other cities and neighborhoods you’ve lived in, they will feel entirely at ease with your friendly Lakewood orthodontist.

Finally, what characterizes the best Lakewood orthodontists is passion. As everyone knows, passion can’t be taught, and if you ran into dentists who didn’t have passion for their work, you were probably able to tell that from the start. In Lakewood, the best orthodontics experts are known to perform their work not just for money, but also because they have a genuine caring nature, and are sincerely interested in ensuring the well-being of their patients.

Questions to Ask Your First Orthodontist

How long is it since your orthodontist finished school and began their practice? Did the orthodontist you want to use manage to maintain a good reputation over time? Can they support your insurance policy? What types of advanced braces and treatments can they provide you with at short notice?

These are just some of the important questions you have to ask your orthodontist before accepting his/her treatment. While there are many other issues to be discussed, you’ll find most Lakewood orthodontics specialists to be more than forthcoming in their effort to put your mind at ease and provide you with the best opportunities for enhanced oral health.